And the most 'American Made' car is....a Toyota is out with their annual "American-made Index"...and for the fourth year in a row, the winner is the Toyota Camry.

And while it may seem odd that a Japanese car company has the top car on the list, it may be even more shocking to some that five out of the top ten are Japanese cars.

Even more revealing, four of the top five have Japanese nameplates. bases the index on a number of factors, as explained on their website:

Cars.comâ??s American-Made Index rates vehicles built and bought in the U.S. Factors include sales, where the carâ??s parts come from and whether the car is assembled in the U.S. We disqualify models with a domestic parts content rating below 75 percent, models built exclusively outside the U.S. or models soon to be discontinued without a U.S.-built successor.

The Camry is assembled in plants in Kentucky and Indiana...and its U.S. sales have been strong for many years.

Also a factor...80% of the parts on a Camry originate in America.

The top five:

  1. Toyota Camry Georgetown, Ky.; Lafayette, Ind.

  2. Ford F-150 Dearborn, Mich.; Claycomo, Mo. -

  3. Honda Accord Marysville, Ohio

  4. Toyota Sienna Princeton, Ind.

  5. Honda Pilot Lincoln, Ala.

Compare that to say, the Toledo built Jeep Liberty, which only has 76% of its parts built in America. (The Liberty comes in at #8 on the list).

Interesting to note that the Chevy Impala and Toyota Matrix â?? two of the cars with the highest percentage of (North) American-made parts â?? (80% and 95% respectively) are assembled in Canada which makes them ineligible for the â??Most American-Madeâ?? award.

Domestic parts content labels, required on all new cars since 1994 as a result of the American Automobile Labeling Act, denote the percentage, by cost, of U.S. and Canadian parts in a given model, as well as the final assembly location and country of origin for the model's engines and transmissions.

Are you surprised that the Toyota Camry tops the "American-made Index" again this year? Does where the car was assembled and the % of American built parts impact your buying choice? Or is it "Big Three" and forget the rest?