Animal advocates: Remains of missing dog found buried in Toledo backyard

Lucas County Dog Warden

TOLEDO - Animal advocates say remains buried behind a Toledo home are those of a dog that was exonerated in a New York City homicide and later sent to a woman who ran a rescue and lived at the west Toledo property.

The Blade

reports the 130-pound dogo argentino, "Bones," was held after its owner was accused in the 2011 killing of his roommate, who had bite wounds. When the dog was cleared, an animal defense group sent it to an Ohio woman, Kathy Sutter, who reported it stolen in January.

Two group members acting on a tip found remains at the Luann Ave. home this weekend and contacted police. The group says a microchip confirmed it was the missing dog.

The finding is expected to be reported to the Lucas County Dog Warden Monday.

Sutter, who has since moved from the home, denies that the remains are Bones and maintains that he was stolen.


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