Animals found 'very thin', dozens of others dead at Woodville farm

An animal cruelty investigator, with the Sandusky County Humane Society (SCHS), tells WNWO that a man was arrested at a Woodville farm found â??riddled with animal remainsâ?? on Tuesday.

The investigator said Thomas Linke, who court records identify as the owner of 1970 West Main Street, was taken into custody after allegedly crashing his SUV into a Humane Society volunteerâ??s vehicle.

A witness said it appeared as if Linke was trying to hit a Bureau of Criminal Investigation officer, who assisting the Humane Society with their investigation; no one was injured.

The Humane Society was called to the Route 20, also known as West Main Street, farm on Saturday for a report of a dead goat in the farmâ??s pasture.

When investigators arrived in the scene on Tuesday they found 2 dead goats in the pasture, 1 dead cow in the barn, 12 â??very thinâ?? goats, 2 â??very thinâ?? cows and a sheep with matted fur that was covered in urine and feces.

VIDEO: Investigators converge on Woodville farm investigating animal cruelty allegations

Officials said that the animal bones of between 55 to 60 animals were also found in the farmâ??s pasture.

The living animals were seized from the property, located near Emch Road, after investigators spend several hours at the property on Tuesday afternoon.

The Humane Society reports that it had responded to Linkeâ??s home several times in the past, though for much smaller incidents.

Last summer they responded to a series of â??minor callsâ?? about goats getting their heads stuck in the farmâ??s fencing or getting out of the pasture.

Officials could not yet say what charges, if any, Linke may face in connection to the living and dead animals found on his property.

A Humane Society investigator says that Linke was leasing the home to a woman, who was also present during Tuesdayâ??s search of the property.