Anita Lopez releases credit report

Toledo, OH - The battle for who will lead the Glass City as mayor is in full swing, and every voter has a clear picture of what direction they want the city to go.

"I moved here 20 years ago, economically and entertainment wise there was a lot more to do back then, than there is now," says Jacqueline Chaney, who says she plans to vote for Councilman Collins.

Candidates are working on their campaigns to gain the trust of voters, and several have released their credit reports.

Signs for Anita Lopez can be seen throughout the city. On Thursday, she released her financial report.

The 36 page report shows that Lopez is in debt to the tune of about $260,000, with a credit score of 621, which is considered "fair."

By comparison, Mayor Bell shows a credit score of 797. Councilman Collins report shows 787. Councilman and former City Council President McNamara shows 747.

Some say that the individual must be assessed do determine qualifications, and not a credit score. Others say, it absolutely matters, especially given that Lopez's current position as City Auditor is directly tied to managing city money.

"She's the City Auditor, and she can't manage her own finances. It kind of makes me wonder what's going on with the city's finances," says Chaney.

Most everyone understands debt, so the debt of Anita Lopez isn't what has raised eyebrows, but rather the amount of open credit accounts with numerous late and delinquent payments.

Click here to view the complete Anita Lopez Credit Report