Anita Lopez speaks out about her personal debt

Mayoral candidate Anita Lopez explains her $200,000 debt situation.

Toledo mayoral candidate Anita Lopez scheduled a press conference Monday morning to explain personal debt.

Lopez released her financial records Friday, revealing a credit score of â??fairâ?? at 621 and a total of $260,000 in debt. Lopez claims the debt is a result of student loans and building renovations for her father to move-in with her. Her father needed to seek additional medical treatment and Lopez said her father required a handicap accessible bedroom according to Lopez.

Lopez said it cost $23,000 but did not mention the additonal expenses or purchases.

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Lopez said the bulk of the debt also came from her student loans to attend law school â?? a payment she had to bear without her parentsâ?? helping to pay for her education.

Lopez said this will not affect her ability to run as mayor as Lopez claims this is a testimony "to do more with less."

More than two accounts opened had more than 120-day late payments. However, Lopez did not address the reasons for her numerous delayed payments in the press conference.

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