Anonymous flyer targets Oregon school board candidate

Oregon businessman PJ Kapfhammer is one of three candidates vying for two spots on the Oregon school board. Kapfhammer's candidacy has recently come under scrutiny because of his criminal past. Lucas County court records show that Kapfhammer has criminal convictions dating back to 1990 for such offenses as assault, criminal trespassing, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, DUI and aggravated menacing. In 2001 Kapfhammer pled guilty to failing to pay child support. Last week a flyer arrived anonymously to WNWO studios titled "Look at PJ's Criminal Record". The two page flyer listed Kapfhammer's convictions. Printed on the flyer was the statement : "Oregon doesn't need criminals on the school board".

Kapfhammer doesn't hide from his past. "Everyone has a past; I've owned up to mine, and I have changed my life since I went down that path, learned from it and became a better person," Mr. Kapfhammer said. Kapfhammer has an idea who is behind the flyers and thinks the motive is to punish him for being a critic of the current Oregon school administration. "This came out a week after I went to a school board meeting and challenged the way they are running the school's right now," Mr. Kapfhammer said.

Kapfhammer's opponents in the school board election are Earl John Gilliland and Jeffrey Ziviski. The three men will participate in a candidates forum at Coy Elementary on Tuesday at 4 p.m.