Another dog rescued from frozen Maumee River

The female boxer is led off the ice.

Sylvania Township rescue crews retrieved a scared and very cold dog from the frozen Maumee River Thursday morning. The female boxer was stranded on the ice near the Craig Bridge.

An ice rescue team was able to catch the dog in a sling and lead her to safety. They say she was too tired and cold to put up much of a fight--which was good for everyone involved.

"It was nearby the pound--just coming to check out, see if there's anything we could do to help. We brought some food in case that was going to help the situation to get the dog to come to the folks out there," said Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle.

"It feels great. I'm glad that the ice stayed solid for the dog so it didn't go into the water because then it would be a lot worse but hopefully that's someone's pet and they can get him back to the rightful owner," said Sylvania Township Ice Rescue Technician Fred Riggs.

Sylvania Township Ice Rescue Technician Mike Behan also assisted in the recovery of the dog.

The dog was taken to the Lucas County Dog Warden and evaluated for possible injuries.

Lyle says she believes this is the third dog ice rescue this year.