Another strip club in South Toledo?

Toledo citizens who live on Airport Highway are upset by rumors that a former restaurant is in the process of being renovated in order to re-open as a strip club. The property in question is located at the intersection of Airport and South. Molly Tomaszewski is a member of the Burroughs Neighborhood Association. "8 or 9 days ago I received an e-mail from a friend who had heard from the gas man that the property was being made into a strip club, or an adult entertainment facility and so we contacted city council members," Mrs. Tomaszewski said. Carole Loth lives right next to the property that is the center of the controversy. "I am not happy with it because we have had them before and there has been fightings and shootings," Mrs. Loth said.

A man who said he was an associate of the property owner arrived while WNWO was talking to the residents. The man did not disclose his name but wanted to reassure residents that his associate never intended to open a strip club. "These are false accusations, there is not going to be a strip club," the associate said.

On Wednesday evening Toledo city councilman Mike Craig and officials from the city of Toledo's Department of Inspections met with residents in a public meeting. The residents came away with the confidence that a strip club would not be allowed to open at the location in question. "They are giving us every assurance that no way is it going to be a strip club but that's not to say it couldn't be an after hours club," Mrs. Tomaszewski said.