Apple removes "Jew or not Jew" app


Apple removed a controversial app from its iTunes store after receiving several complaints from religious groups worldwide, according to published reports.

The app - called "Juif ou pas Juif" in French, or "Jew or not Jew" in English - allowed users to find out whether French celebrities were Jewish.

Apple typically keeps a tight watch on the apps it approves for its iTunes store and approved this one for use.

Jewish groups called for Apple to remove the app, which the technology giant did. The person who created the app, though, is Jewish.

"I'm not a spokesman for all Jews, but as a Jew myself, I know that in our community we often ask whether such and such celebrity is Jewish or not," Johann Levy, a 35-year-old Franco-British engineer told Le Parisien.

Due to post-World War II era laws in France that forbid a person from disclosing another's religion, Levy could face serious penalties that include a 300,000 euro fine.

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