Are toy guns good or bad accessories for Halloween?

Woodville Surplus put this ad in the Toledo Blade.

The nation has seen a seemingly increasing number of events involving gun violence within the past few years. Some involve adults, and many involve perpetrators as young as in their teens.

While some people point blame at graphic video games portraying violent acts, there are others who fault parents for allowing their children to surround themselves with explicit themes, dangerous products, and fake weapons.

Woodville Surplus is currently advertising, in the Toledo Blade, a battery-operated M-16 Riffle (sic) that's "Great for Halloween."

The store's manager says while the sale of toy guns is popular year-round, whenever a toy gun is sold, children are made to understand the importance of leaving on the orange tip.

An orange tip at the end of the barrel of any toy gun, allows police officers to distinguish between a fake and real firearm. When that orange tip is covered up or removed, the toy must be treated like a real gun. That means carrying it in a bag and never carrying it in public.

"If a cop sees a child with a gun, even if it's a pistol with an orange tip, that child is usually going to get reprimanded," said Neal Felstein, manager of Woodville Surplus. "If it doesn't have a tip, that child might even get put in jail."

Yet, there are many parents and children who are not aware of the responsibility children must have if carrying around a toy gun. "We make sure when we sell our guns that children understand it's important to leave that orange tip on," said Felstein.

Toy guns are a popular product not just at Halloween, but for Christmas and birthday gifts. At places like Woodville Surplus, the fake firearms remain in high demand.

"This is here to stay, as long as children are being taught proper gun safety, which is incredibly important even when it comes to BB guns," said Felstein.


Would you, or do you, allow your child to carry around toy guns? If so, what do you tell them about proper gun safety? Share your thoughts below or on our Facebook page.