Are you the victim of work fridge theft?

It happens in nearly every workplace break room, but a Texas man recently chose the wrong refrigerator from which to grab a bite to eat.

Deer Park, Texas police Officer Kevin Yang must have thought taking a drink out of the fridge in the station break room was innocent. Whether he thought there was anything wrong with going back for a second, third, and fourth drink is anybody's guess. We'd guess Yang taking someone's sub sandwich from the fridge was anything but innocent.

It all occurred in Nov. 2011 when police department staff began complaining about missing lunch items, including 60 pounds of deer sausage, since May of that year. Doing what investigators do, the station set up a surveillance in the break room, only to find that the thief was one none other than fellow officer Yang.

Yang has been suspended and now faces misdemeanor charges of theft for yanking his colleagues food and drink.

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Has your office break room ever been the scene of a refrigerator crime? Are you brave enough to admit if you've ever stolen a colleague's food or drink from the office fridge? Leave a comment below.