Armstrong banned from cycling for life

Armstrong banned

Lance Armstrong is no longer the winner of cyclingâ??s most prestigious event. Today Armstrong was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and will be banned from cycling for life. This is in the wake of a massive doping scandal involving Armstrong and his team.

The president of the International Cycling Union says Armstrong â??Deserves to be forgotten in cycling.â?? Last week, Armstrong stepped down as chairman of Livestrong, the cancer-fighting nonprofit he founded so the controversy surrounding his career would not be a distraction to the Livestrong's mission. On the same day, longtime sponsor Nike and other companies that have ties to the sports icon severed their business relationships with him.

A local Armstrong fan that we spoke with who is a cancer survivor says despite the doping, heâ??s done great things and this shouldnâ??t diminish that. To read the USADA report on Armstrong go to