Arrest in Steinfurth case brings hope to family

Toledo, OH - The boarded up house and empty lot at the intersection of Federal and Leonard Streets in East Toledo is no longer being occupied by family and volunteers searching for Elaina Steinfurth, however Terry Steinfurth Senior, Elaina's paternal grandfather, still stops by on a regular basis.

"I still stop by here several times a day just to see if anybody needs any flyers down here," says Terry.

Posters and flyers are still on the trees and poles throughout the neighborhood, and a pile of stuffed animals still occupy the front porch of the old house.

The location does remain the official command post. The family holds searches from the location on Wednesdays and Saturdays. On those same days, prayer vigils are held at 7:00 p.m.

Terry says he hasn't lost hope, but after almost two months of waiting, it's hard not to be discouraged.

"We like to keep the hope alive that we'll find her alive and safe. [But] as the days go on, it gets a little disheartening that we haven't found her yet, and no one has talked," he says.

The police have given him very little information recently, but with the arrest of Steven King, he hopes there may be tightly kept clues the public has not been given.

He says, "Where they're getting their leads, I don't know. But they're following something. They did end up with another arrest, and that raised our hopes."

He's hoping the added pressure to those involved in the case will lead to more information coming out.

"Somebody's gonna break," he says.

His questions do not include "if" someone knows where baby Elaina is, but "who" will give the information that brings the ordeal to an end.

"I believe either one of them[Angela Steinfurth / Steven King], or somebody in that house knows what happened.

Friends and family of Elaina Steinfurth will be holding a poker run on Saturday, August 3.

The ride is being put on by the AMVETS Riders, Chapter 222 and will take place at the AMVETS post on North Summit Street in Toledo.

All proceeds will be going to the search efforts.