Arrest made in Point Place graffiti

Point Place - Up and down Summit Street in Point Place, businesses are marked with spray paint.

Residents say the tagging has been going on for weeks but has been minimal, but that all changed in a single night.

"I think we're up to like six or eight businesses now. [They] reported heavy graffiti when they came into their business in the morning. It was actually the overnight hours of April 17th," says Mark King with the Toledo Police Department.

On the 18th, police received an anonymous tip that photos of the grafitti were posted on the Facebook page of 18-year-old Jordan Meyers. Meyers was arrested later that afternoon carrying a backpack full of spray cans.

Point Place business owners are outraged.

"With the economy the way that it's been, it's not easy to have a business anymore. And you don't need to deal with things like this," says small business owner and tagging victim Wendy Beallas.

Another business owner told WNWO that they actually see meyers walking down the street regularly. They are upset that he would deface buildings in his own community.

Tagging itself is a slap in the face to the community, but one building tagged was an 86-year-old flag repair store. The patriotic themed store has American flags hanging in the window, and the window shutters are painted with stars and stripes.

Wendy Beallas says police should crack down on taggers, but the penalty should not be jail time, but rather manual labor.

"If you make these kids accountable for what they do, then maybe they'll think twice," she says. "I want him to come clean it up. And not just my building, but all them that he did."

Meyers has been charged with at least four counts of criminal damaging, and police say further charges are pending.