Arsonists on the loose in East Toledo, Old South End

The site of a vacant house fire on Oak Street in East Toledo is the latest in a long line of suspected arsons this summer.

Since the beginning of July, there have been a total of eight fires that investigators think were set on purpose, all of them located in either East Toledo or in the Old South End.

And it's not just the obvious black eye of charred wood in their neighborhood that people are upset about.

The little property value these neighborhoods once held, is crumbling with the shuttered homes.

My property TMs value literally went from something, a little something, to nothing I mean this is bull crap you know, I was just asking my neighbor lady earlier you know, how many more fires does she think is gonna happen you know, one, 100, is the whole neighborhood gonna burn down, said Todd Honsburger, a home owner in the Old South End.

The Toledo Fire Department insists they're doing everything they can to extinguish the problem and they certainly have their work cut out for them.

In the past month and a half there have been 27 suspected arsons and 76 since the beginning of the year.

That's way up from years past and Toledo Fire Deputy Chief Luis Santiago says his department needs your help.

If they are seeing any kind of activities that are suspicious or out of the ordinary, they need to call the police and report that, said Santiago.

That's no problem for people like Honsberger who so desperately want to see the neighborhoods they grew up in return to former glory.