Attorney General says 'accident' in teen shot dead case

Limerbios' death gained national attention when his family fought to keep his case alive.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine determined a Castalia teen death's was an "accident," after expert conclusions varied in determining the cause of death.

DeWine announced his decision Wednesday morning at a Sandusky Court house. DeWine agrees with a grand jury's decision that the death of 19-year-old Jacob Limberios was an accident and not a suicide.

"What happened on March 2, 2012, was a horrible tragedy," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. "However, we believe that Jacob Limberios did not intend to kill himself. His gun can fire without a trigger pull, and that put him in mortal danger."

Limberios died from a gunshot wound more than a year ago inside a home. A judge in northern Ohio asked earlier in May for the Attorney General's Office to review the investigation.

The BCI investigation said Limberios held the weapon at a very close range when "it fired accidentally without a trigger pull." The gun had a "faulty mechanism," in which the safety failed 30 percent of the time.

Limberios' father wanted more answers after learning the Sandusky County coroner ruled his son's death a suicide. The coroner indicated he "might not have known the gun was loaded."

That's why his family decided to hire a forensic pathologist who came up with a different opinion and concluded his death as a homicide. Several witnesses who were inside the home had been questioned, but no charges were filed against them.

Limberios' death gained national attention when his family fought to keep his case alive. Their story appeared on Dr. Phil's shows, where several witnesses had taken lie detector's test.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)