Audio: Woman calls 911 while car submerged in Fenwick Marina

Ottawa County Sheriff's Office rushed to Fenwick Marina for a call from two individuals trapped in their vehicle underwater on Thursday.

Listen 911 Dispatch: Car in Water, Fenwick Marina

At 11:48 a.m., Ottawa County dispatch received a cell phone call from a female caller indicating that she and her husband were trapped in their vehicle underwater at Fenwick Marina. Dispatchers were able to obtain enough information on the location the vehicle entered the water and dispatched officers.

Upon arrival at 12 p.m., Deputy James Hanney observed the vehicle fully submerged beneath the water with what appeared to be a rear corner still partially out of the water away from land, and entered the water to rescue the victims along with Carroll Twp. Chief of Police Jody Hatfield.

Both victims, an elderly female and male were rescued from the fully submerged vehicle by the officers without further incident and turned over to emergency medical services for treatment.

"The quick response by these officers to enter the water without regard for their own safety to locate the vehicle and rescue this couple clearly saved lives today," Ottawa County Sheriff Robert L. Bratton said. "They are an outstanding example of our county law enforcement professionals."

The cause of the incident remains under investigation.