Aurora Academy hopes to re-open Friday

As the Toledo Police Department continues to investigate the break-in at the Aurora Academy charter school, staff is busy cleaning up and making repairs in time to open on Friday for their scheduled Christmas concert. Executive Director Cindy Wilson says students, parents and teachers are all upset about the burglary. "They took all of all our laptops and some cash but they also took away our sense of safety," Ms. Wilson said.

It appears that the bandits gained entry into the school by throwing a brick through a window in Wilson's office. Motor oil was poured on the steps outside the back entrance. The contents of four fire extinguishers were sprayed throughout the halls and several classrooms. A tank that was the home of the school's pet gecko was smashed and glass littered the floor. Staff found the gecko lying on the floor with a serious injury and Wilson was concerned that the lizard would not survive its injuries. Additionally the door to a cage that housed a pet hamster was open; the hamster is unaccounted for.

At least thirty laptops and some petty cash were stolen.

The Aurora Academy is the first charter school to open in Ohio. It has 166 students in kindergarten through 8th grades.