Aurora Academy ransacked, closed after overnight break in

Aurora Academy was closed Tuesday after an overnight break in left the school vandalized and ransacked.

According to the school's Executive Director, Cindy Wilson, three transportation vans and entrance doors were spray painted, motor oil was thrown on the front steps and all school laptops and an afterschool TV were stolen. The vandals also broke into classrooms, overturned desks and ransacked file cabinets. Fire extinguishers were emptied all over the school.

The principal's office was also raided and money taken from the front office.

Wilson said they are still trying to determine when the school can reopen and they're now taking care of insurance issues.

"We would like to reopen before the holidays so the kids can do their programs and so they know it's still a safe place," Wilson said.

Stay tuned for updates as to when the school can reopen.