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      Authorities interview suspects in Holland woman homicide case

      Police are trying to find leads in a homicide case of a 28-year-old Holland woman whose body was recovered in a running car during the weekend.Brandi Gonyer-Boaston's body was found in Royalton Township â??a small, Fulton County farming community. Hunters reported seeing a parked car in a field on County Road N between County Roads 8 and State Route 109.The autopsy revealed she died of asphyxiation, according to Lucas County Coroner's Office.A spokesperson for the Fulton County Sheriffâ??s Office says investigators have an idea how Gonyer-Boaston got to Royalton Township. Multiple suspects are being questioned by police.

      Gonyer-Boaston was a divorced mother of six. She worked as a nurse at a Waterville care station.

      A resident, Lynn Richardson lives near where Gonyer-Boaston was found.

      "I've lived here so long that it's justâ?|things like that donâ??t happen,â?? Lynn Richardson said. â??But yet, it did."

      Toledo Police have joined in investigation because the majority of leads in the case are coming from Lucas County.

      Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Fulton County Sheriffâ??s Office at (419)335-4010.