Auto sales highest since 2007

The month of November saw a dramatic 15% increase in auto sales, boasting a number not seen since 2007.

"Nationally they say manufacturing was down this last month but the car industry is going to other way. So that's a big plus for the country," says Yark Automotive manager David Doster.

Even on gloomy days, you'll find folks out looking to research and buy. Folks like Needle Masters tattoo shop owner, Brad Cooper.

"We're looking at the rebates coming in for the new year and thinking about doing a trade-in," says Cooper.

And with everyone competing for your business, prices get driven down. And with all the incentives available, this makes it truly a buyers marker.

But to fine the best deals, you must do your homework.

"You have to look and shop around to find the deals," says Cooper.

And everyone looks for different things in their car or truck.

"Of course fuel economy is always part of the equation," says Doster.

But Coooper says he tries to support local business. "We try to back everything toledo built," he says. "You know, Detroit, Toledo. We're in the area and that's what we look for."

So if automobile sales are truly indicative of the US economy, things may be looking up.

"The car business has really come back from where it was a few years ago," says Doster.

He says December is usually a strong sales month. And with year end deals, next month's projections are high.