Autopsy reveals more about victim's identity

Chain from victim's belly-button piercing

The Ottawa County Sheriffs Office has revealed the identity of the victim found at Lamberjack's Marina in Carroll Township. The victim has been identified as 26 year old, Jennifer Shively of East Toledo. Family members recognized pictures of the tatoos during local news broadcasts Thursday evening.

Ottawa County Detectives met with family members, including her mother and brother, in Toledo on Thursday evening. They positively identified the victim from photographs of the tattoos and surgical scars on the body. At this time Detectives have no information on where the victim may have been murdered or how or why the body was brought to Ottawa County.

The case remains under investigation by the Ottawa County Sheriffs Office, the Ottawa County Coroner, the Toledo Police Department and the Carroll Township Police Department. No arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified.

Jennifer Shively's body was found in the Lamberjack's Marina. Authories say it had been there for at least two weeks.