Baby Elaina's family warns of snow shoveling scam

<font size="2">Those wanting to donate can go to any Genoa Bank in the area.</font>

The family of baby Elaina, the toddler who was murdered in east Toledo earlier this year, is sounding the alarm about people trying to profit off her death and the recent weather.

Both sides of her family say they have received reports in recent days about a person offering to shovel peoplesâ?? sidewalks in east Toledo for money. The person then claimed the money would be donated to a baby Elaina fund. However, the family never sanctioned the shoveling for donations, and says whoever is doing this is running a scam.

Baby Elainaâ??s grandfather, Richard Schiewe, says whoever would do this is a â??sick personâ??, and says there will be consequences if they ever are caught. Schiewe plans to contact Toledo Police on Tuesday to file a report on the scam.

Schiewe says if people wish to donate to an official baby Elaina fund, they can go to any Genoa Bank in the area. All funds collected will be given to Elainaâ??s sister, Kylee, when she turns 18.