Baby Elaina's father 'Irate' over new developments, Coroner confirms 'apparent human remains' found

TJ Steinfurth, the father of Baby Elaina, talks to WNWO about the recovery of human remains.

Lucas County Coroner Dr. James Patrick has confirmed to WNWO that a box containing "apparent human remains" was removed from a home where a missing toddler, Elaina Steinfurth, was last seen in June.

An official autopsy is scheduled for Friday morning, but Patrick said that it may take several weeks to definitely determine the identity of the remains. However, Patrick said his office may be able to speed the process up with help from the state.

Sources at the scene in east Toledo, where box was recovered, said the evidence was taken from inside a detached garage at 704 Federal Street. The home is the former residence of Steven King, the ex-boyfriend of Elaina's mother, Angela Steinfurth, and has already been previously searched by Toledo Police and federal officials several times.

The home where the remains were discovered is also just feet away from where dozens have gathered for more than three months to hold vigils praying for Baby Elaina's return.

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Elaina's Father, T.J. Steinfurth, said the details surrounding Thursday's discovery makes him 'Irate" but did not reveal what police said to him during a meeting this afternoon. "It's hard to be optimistic now," said Steinfurth.

Toledo Police are scheduled to hold a press conference Friday morning to discuss findings from the Thursday search of King's home. VIEW press conference live Friday beginning at 10:30 a.m. on WNWO and

The news follows two hours of breaking developments in the case and follows a Thursday morning court appearance by Steven King on an obstruction of justice charge in connection to Elaina's disappearance.

Thursday afternoon, WNWO was the first to report that Toledo Police had returned to Federal Street to execute another search warrant in connection to the girl's disappearance. Shortly after, several of the dozens gathered at the scene became engaged in an altercation as tensions flared over what Toledo Police may have found. Additional officers were dispatched to the scene to break up the fight. It is unclear who started the fight and if any family members were injured.

WNWO also learned that Toledo Police had been meeting with Steven King for several hours since his morning court appearance.

Toledo Police issued a statement that said "At 3:16 p.m., September 5th, Toledo Police Detectives executed a search warrant based on new information at 704 Federal".

At this time it is still unclear if King provided the "new information" that Toledo Police say lead to the most recent search at King's former residence.

King and Elaina's mother, Angela Steinfurth are facing charges of obstruction of justice in Elaina's disappearance.

Tune into to WNWO News at 11 for the latest on the case and more reaction from Baby Elaina's family on the new developments.

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