Baby Elaina's injuries revealed and national TV interviews uncover new information

CORRECTION/CLARIFICATION: Angela Steinfurth, the mother of missing 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth, was not arrested immediately following a police interview with a WNWO source.

Frank, who at the time does not want his last name released, provided authorities with information Angela allegedly shared with him about the missing toddler's injuries, prior to her disappearance.

After his interview with police, Angela Steinfurth was taken in for questioning once again but was not arrested for another several days.

Original Story:

As the 16th day of searching for 18-month-old Elaina Steinfurth came to a close on Monday, WNWO was able to obtain exclusive information on the toddler's injuries prior to her disappearance.

The source, who only wanted to be identified as Frank, is the same man who provided WNWO with exclusive surveillance video showing Elaina and her mother the day before the child was last seen, June 2.

Frank, who has remained anonymous until now, said he was looking to release the information so that the public could hear what Elaina's mother says happened.

"[Elaina's mother] told me about the baby having a black eye, a bump on the head and just a little bit of dry blood around the nostril. But I was like well what's that all about...and she said that when she woke up the baby was like that...I said well why didn't you call ...take her to the hospital or call the police or whatever...She told me that she asked Steven, the boyfriend, to check on the baby to make sure the baby was ok medically. The boyfriend overlooked the child and said she was going to be fine," Frank said of his conversation with Angela Steinfurth, Elaina's mother.

It was after Frank gave that information to investigators that Angela Steinfurth was arrested for child endangerment, for which she remained jailed on Monday night.

Last week, during a press conference on Angela Steinfurth's arrest, Toledo Police would not specify the injuries Elaina sustained but did confirm she suffered "a serious injury" and said her mother did not seek medical treatment.

In his latest interview with WNWO, Frank also wanted to clarify why he had surveillance of Angela Steinfurth and baby Elaina from his home. He said the camera had been set up months ago following a spike in crime within his East Toledo neighborhood and had nothing to do with the current case.

Frank, who calls himself a friend of both Angela Steinfurth and her estranged husband, will also share these details with HLN's Nancy Grace on her show Tuesday evening.

On Monday, the video Frank provided on WNWO last Thursday, was featured on HLN shows for Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell. Both hosts, for CNN's sister station, were also able to reveal new information on the case on Monday evening.

On Jane Velez-Mitchell's show, a senior producer released the findings from a "background check" on Angela Steinfurth's ex-boyfriend, Steven King, that showed he has a number of unpaid debts. WATCH VIDEO

In a previous interview with WNWO, King's mother insisted that her son had nothing to do with the case. The mother admits that Steven went into hiding after receiving death threats. She adds that, despite being out of the public eye, her son has been fully cooperating with authorities and has not been charged with anything.

Interviews with Elaina's father and paternal grandfather, on Nancy Grace's Monday night show, revealed that King nearly got into a physical altercation with the pair on the day the toddler went missing. WATCH VIDEO

Grace also spoke with Angela Steinfurth's step-father, Richard Schiewe, who indicated that his step-daughter may be withholding information from authorities because she was "threatened." He told Grace that, on Thursday, from behind bars, Angela Steinfurth told him that she did know who took the baby from the home but did not know where the baby was taken.

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