Baby elephant celebrates second birthday at Toledo Zoo

The Toledo Zoo helped Lucas the elephant calf celebrate his terrible twos with a birthday full of surprises.

Although his actual birthday is not until Monday, Lucas was up to his trunk in gifts. The Toledo Zoo showered the African elephant with enrichment presents hand-crafted by zookeepers and ZOOTeens.

Hundreds of excited children and adults packed the Tembo Trail to sing â??Happy Birthdayâ?? and watch Lucas eat his birthday cake, prepared by the Toledo Zooâ??s Catering Department.

â??Of course he deserves a birthday cake, what two-year-old doesnâ??t deserve a birthday cake,â?? exclaimed Ben Whitebread, Elephant Manager at the Toledo Zoo.

Visitors were equally as thrilled to celebrate.

â??Bowen really liked it,â?? said Jeremy Fielder, who brought his young son to see Lucas. Fielder added, â??He just kept saying birthday cake, birthday cake, elephant, birthday cake, over and over again. It was great.â??

Lucas weighed a light 305 pounds and stood 36 inches tall when he was born two years ago. Today, heâ??s catching up to his mother, standing 60 inches tall and weighing about 1,630 pounds.

Zoo officials say Lucasâ?? favorite activities include chasing ducks that wander into his exhibit and playfully spinning in circles.