Bad names ruin lives, study says

Kids weren't lying, a bad first name can ruin their whole lives.

If you're not a celebrity and still insist on naming your baby Zuzu or Bear Blu, you could be ruining their lives... literally.

According to a new study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, data gathered from 12,000 adults found a "bad name" decreases self-esteem, makes you feel lonelier and even dumber.

The study matched participants with potential mates on a dating website and a majority said they would rather remain single than get together with an odd-named person. Names like "Alexander" and "Charlotte' received 102 percent more profile visits than "Kevin" and "Mandy."

"Negative names evoke negative interpersonal reactions, which in turn influence people's life outcomes for the worse," the study reads.

Researchers determined "unfortunate" first names inhibit relationship formation. Those of the 12,000 participants with "bad names" were more likely to smoke, were less educated and more introverted than their sexy-named counterparts.

Do you think the study accurately reflects real world situations? Do you think you wouldâ??ve been more successful if you had a different name? Weigh in below.

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