Basements keep flooding in West Toledo

Residents on Capistrano in Toledo TMs West Side are tired of their basements flooding every time it rains. So, one resident went door-to-door getting the names and addresses of more than thirty people who received flooding in a three-block radius of his home on Capistrano.

In the past eight years his basement has flooded five times. He can TMt get insurance because they told him that his basement has had to be dry for three consecutive years. His neighbors are in the same predicament. They thought the Shantee Creek Widening Project would have alleviated some of these problems. They say it hasn TMt and the project is in its final stage.

Councilwoman Lindsay Webb gave us this statement today over the phone: "My heart goes out to the neighbors. I held an informational meeting in the Fall about this issue. I am proposing to increase the storm water utility rate so we can make capital project improvements more quickly with a priority being the feeder system into Shantee Creek."

Webb says there appears to be an overloading problem and residents need to back her on proposing the rate increase.

Toledo has a Basement Flooding Grant Program. To learn more about it, visit: Basement flooding grant program