Bath salts bust on the Ohio Turnpike

$150,000 worth of bath salts confiscated during bust on Ohio Turnpike in Wood Co. / Ohio State Patrol

It wasn't marijuana or cocaine this time that Ohio State Troopers seized during a drug bust. But a large amount of the designer drug called bath salts.

The patrol confiscated five pounds of the drug following a traffic stop on the Turnpike in Wood County Thursday night.

The bath salts are worth $150,000 on the street.

26-year-old Zeeshan Ghani and 34-year-old Panchal Dipesh both of West Columbia, South Carolina were arrested.

The men are being held in the Wood County Jail. If convicted, they could face up to 21 years in prison and a $42,500 fine.

In October, Ohio banned bath salts. The use, possession and distribution of them. Read WNWO"s article on that announcement.