Battling cancer together with Relay For Life

Cancer does not sleep so neither do Relay For Life participants.

The all-night American Cancer Society events raise money to fight the disease, promote healthy behavior, recognize survivors and remember those who have lost the battle.

Anyone can get involved!

Call it a slumber party without the slumber: Relay For Life events typically start late in the evening and continue through sunrise. All the time someone is walking.

"The first lap is survivor and then the second lap this year is going to be team recognition--we're going to have each team come out and walk," said Rebekkah Schindler, Henry County Relay For Life.

The team element of Relay For Life is key: groups of friends, family members or co-workers bonding, supporting and raising funds together.

"We have 27 teams this year and our goal is $188,000," said Schindler.

But that is not the only reason organizers want you to come out.

"Our goal is to educate people: take care of yourself and if you think there's something wrong with your body, go get it checked out. It's better to come back that you don't have cancer," said Schindler.

For Schindler, that advice is personal. She remembers the moment a doctor diagnosed her with breast cancer.

"My words to him were "Am I going to die?" and he said "No, because you're one smart lady." If I wouldn't have taken care of it, I wouldn't be sitting here doing this interview today," said Schindler.

Schindler says it is not too late to join in on the Henry County Relay For Life or a relay closer to you.

"It's never too late. They can come out, walk with a team or just walk by themselves. Also we have a very nice breakfast on Saturday morning about 6 a.m." said Schindler.

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