Bed bugs invade south Toledo development

Flory Gardens resident Gwendolyn Jones says she is being evicted because LMHA has not properly controlled bed bugs at the development.

Bed bugs have moved in at the Flory Gardens development in South Toledo, causing major problems for some of the residents.

The lounge and social area at the complex is now draped wall-to-wall with â??Cautionâ?? tape, after the most recent infestation of bed bugs. Although efforts are being made to handle the problem, residents like Gwendolyn Jones say itâ??s not enough.

Jones has lived in the government-housing development for three years, and has had her apartment treated for bed bugs three times. She now faces a health-mandated eviction, and blames Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority for failing to properly eliminate the pests.

â??Iâ??m scared to go back in my bedroom, my bedroom was comfortable, my unit was comfortable,â?? said Jones. She continued, â??Itâ??s LMHA that is not comfortable, that does not make you comfortable.â??

Jones, who is disabled and relies on a motorized wheelchair for mobility, has recently spent several nights sleeping in her van and staying with other friends at the complex. Property managers asked her to remove certain pieces of furniture from her apartment, including a mattress and sofas.

â??They need to shut the building down,â?? to take care of the problem, added Jones. She said there are two known areas already infested, and they spread as affected residents travel throughout the building. Jones believes the bed bugs keep returning to her apartment because follow-up inspections are not carried out after treatment is completed.

Property managers were not available on Saturday for comment.