Bedford High robotics ranked 14th in world championship

BX team members checking out the St. Louis sights on Wednesday night.

If you tuned into WNWO Today last Tuesday, you caught a glimpse of the genius behind Bedford High School's robotics team, Bedford Express.

The students were gearing up for a championship event in St. Louis, and have now returned ranked 14th team in the world competition.

Bedford Express finished the qualification matches with an 8-1 record. Team 1023 was the 3rd highest scoring robot in its division of 100 robots.

BX was the fourth pick for eliminations, but was knocked out of the quarter finals when one of the robots on their division died in their first match and they were outscored in the second match.

Even though the team did not make it as far as they had hoped, they ended up the 14th ranked team in world (2,332 teams). They moved up four slots from 18th to 14th based on their performance at the St. Louis competition.

"One of the highlights of the trip was 'adopting' 5 members of team 123, team COSMOS, from Hamtramck, MI to be honorary BX members for our trip," BX coach Debbie May wrote in an email to WNWO. "Bringing them along helped us brainstorm with another team, and share what our team does. The experience was positive for all involved."

Bedford Express has been invited to the IGVC (Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition) invitational, which is a free competition for the top 24 teams in the state of Michigan. The event will take place at the Oakland University on Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10.