Bedford School Board selects new superintendent

Bedford board of education members unanymously agreed, Mark Kleinhans will be offered the position as the district's new superintendent.

"Mr. Kleinhans had a considerable amount of energy, was really a hands on superintendent, was displaying all the expectations and things we were hoping to see in a superintendent," said board president Michael Smith.

Kleinhans has held the superintendent position at Montrose Community Schools in Genessee County, Michigan, since 2002. The Montrose district has roughly 1,700 students; Bedford has nearly 5,000.

"That's going to be a challenge," said Smith. "It's a much larger district, so he's going to have a lot to do to meet our community members, to meet our students, and make sure that we can get everybody focused in the same direction."

The board's offer to Kleinhans comes just days after their vote to close Temperance Road Elementary School. Kleinhans will also face the district's $1.2 million defecit.

"We need a district cheerleader, we need somebody that's going to be in the community making sure that our community understands what the district is facing," said Smith. "I'm sure he's going to want to really get a handle on where our budget is at, where our deficit elimination plan is at, kind of how we've come to a conclusion on closing Temperance Road Elementary, and what the next steps are."

Smith says he believes those steps will lead the Bedford Schools onto a better track.

"A lot of exciting things, a lot of things to build on, because we've got great school, and a great community," said Smith. "So hopefully everybody will circle the wagons and we'll get back on track."

The district's offer is still conditional on successful negotiations with Kleinhans, they hope he will begina as Beford superintedent by June.