Bedford School District eliminates school resource officer position


Public Schools now only has one school resource officer.The school board voted to eliminate the other position.


he school board says letting one of their two school resource officers go was a tough decision

, b

ut they say they had no choice because the district is deep in the red.



nytime we have to lay folks off, it's very difficult because we're a very close knit community



explains interim superintendent Jon White.


eeling the squeeze from painful state cuts to education


district leaders


Bedford School District faced a $600,000 deficit at the beginning of the year. By the end of the year it will grow to $900,000.



f course we're disappointed, it was something we believed strongly in however, we realize that the district has a multitude of financial issues

,"says parent Amy Driehorst.

Interim Superintendent White says the absence of one of their school resource officers will be felt, "will there be a void? Yes, because we had two people that were servicing the district, instead of one. Will the school be any less safer, no. The school is still safe. Will we be able to provide the programs for children that we used to, probably not because one person can't service as many as two," says White.


o what's next for
the ex school resource officer, he'll return to regular duty. But says he'll still stop by the junior high school he worked at and will continue to be a presence there.

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