Bedford school district plans on closing another school

      T he Bedford School District is considering closing another school, just two years after shuttering Smith Road Elementary.

      T his time T emperance Road Elementary is on the chopping block.

      A town hall meeting was held Wednesday night at Bedford High School to address parents and students concerns.

      T he Bedford School District is currently $1.2 million in the red.

      O ver 300 students currently attend temperance road elementary school.

      P arents and students aren't thrilled with the news , "first off, I was really disappointed because this is going to be the third school he's going to go to because the other one closed beforehand as well," explains Jill Koenemann.

      S chool leaders say the reason for the proposed closure is because of reduced funding from Michigan and a drop in school enrollment.

      I nterim superintendent Jon White said class size would not exceed 30 students. However, he said after the town hall meeting staff will be laid off, but couldn't say exactly how many.