Bedford Schools handing out 90 more pink slips

The Bedford Public Schools Board of Education voted Tuesday evening to send out layoff notices to 90 employees. 13 teachers received pink slips in March making the total 103.

The district says they hope to call back a "substantial number" of those teachers but they will not know just how many until Michigan legislators make final decisions regarding funding.

Everyone involved says this is a hard time for the district-- especially students.

"This affects kids' lives, the education of our children. We need to invest in their education of our children and doing something like this tonight is contrary to do but it's something that's required to be done," said Ted Magrum, Bedford Public Schools Superintendent.

"You create this whole hiatus within the community of who's being laid off, who's coming back, who's teaching my student and then you put all these students at panic," said Natalie Ewing, P.E. teacher.

The district is encouraging parents to contact legislators to urge them to reduce school funding cuts.

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