'Beezin': Teens find potentially dangerous new use for lip balm

Burt's Bees lip balm is part of a new trend called 'Beezin'

Teens are flocking to a new fad that they say lets them stay high, and it's done with a product most people have in their pockets.

Many people think of Burt's Bees lip balm as just that - lip balm. But, to a growing number of teenagers and young adults, that lip balm is part of a new viral trend known as 'Beezin.'

Teens are flocking to social media sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook with videos of them â??Beezin.' Itâ??s when people apply a light layer of Burtâ??s Bees natural lip balm wax on their eyelids.

Some who do â??Beezinâ?? say it adds to the experience of being drunk or high. Others say it helps them keep alert.


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While â??Beezinâ?? may feel good, physicians warn that using the lip balm on oneâ??s eyes could cause potential health effects.

"The peppermint oil in the lip balm is a very strong irritant and can cause inflammation in the eye redness of the eye swelling," Dr. Brett Cauthen told WNWO's sister station

KOKH in Oklahoma City.


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The eye is one of the most sensitive parts of the body and â??Beezinâ?? could cause pink eye-like symptoms.

Burtâ??s Bees products claim to be 100 percent natural, but using it for anything other than it's intended purpose could be risky.

â??Our big message is natural does not equate with safety,â?? Dr. Cauthen said.

Truman Claytor is an alcohol and drug therapist with Unison Behavioral Health. He explained that what often times starts off as an experiment for teenagers can quickly escalate into harder and more destructive drug use. "Kids look for trends and they find it on Facebook and YouTube and they get into that stuff and start experimenting."

Since the trend seems to be aided with alcohol or drugs, experts advise parents look for sudden changes in their childs behavior like increased sleeping, sudden mood swings as well as money and other possession missing.

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