Bell administration to submit red light camera proposal to city council

If the administration of Toledo Mayor Mike Bell has its way more red light cameras will be coming to Toledo. On Tuesday the administration will formally submit to city council its proposal for 11 new red light cameras. Finance Director Patrick Mclean says the red light camera program has been a financial success for the city. "The bottom line financially is we have been receiving over the last couple of years more than a million dollars that has come into the general fund to do things like pay for police, fire and other services," Mr. McLean said.

Retired Toledo businessman Bill Delaney was one of the leaders of a petition drive back in 2009 and 2010 to get the red light cameras removed; the petition drive failed. "Well it just didn't go, we didn't have enough people pushing it and it just didn't make it," Mr. Delaney said.

The intersections slated to get a red light camera are Secor/Alexis, Anthony Wayne Trail/Glendale, Bancroft/Reynolds, Detroit/Door, Talmadge/Monroe, Heatherdowns/South Byrne.

In 2010 the city collected nearly $800,000 in fines and $1 million last year.

McLean says some of the proceeds that will be generated by the new 11 cameras will pay for summer recreation programs that have been consistently cut in the last several years.