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      Bell and Collins square off in round 2 of mayoral debate

      One day after WNWO hosted the first televised debate of the Toledo Mayoral Race, candidate Mike Bell and D. Michael Collins faced off again in a still contentious, but more subdued forum.

      The candidates stepped in the ring for round two of the debate at the Walbridge Park Shelter House on Broadway Street, where Mondayâ??s heated exchange carried over with familiar jabs. Bell called Collins â??One-dimensional,â?? while Collinsâ??s characterized his opponentâ??s administration as â??Dysfunctional.â??

      John Irish and William Jennings of the Walbridge Park Board pitched questions submitted by the audience on a range of issues from stand your ground to economic development. Another hot topic was the cityâ??s past budget deficit.

      "It is $48 million and Mr. Collins is going to tell you itâ??s $8 million,â?? said Bell. Collins rebutted, â??I have the document where he (the city auditor) said the city of Toledo faced in all actuality an eight million dollar deficit.â??

      The independent candidates agreed that a solid education system is the cornerstone of economic development and helping to curb crime in the city of Toledo. However, Collins was critical of what he called Bellâ??s reliance on federal funding to help the homeless and victims of domestic violence.

      â??How does that person fit into a picture of rapid re-housing,â?? said Collins. He added, â??Unless of course itâ??s getting a box over at Best Buy and going down to the river and finding shelter under a bridge.â??

      After two nights of debates, both candidates have thrown their punches. Now itâ??s up to Toledoâ??s voters to score the fight.