Bell, Collins begin general election campaign for mayor

By virtue of their first and second place finishes in the primary for Toledo mayor incumbent Mike Bell and councilman Michael Collins emerge to face each other in the general election. In 55 days Toledo voters will choose one of those two men to lead the Glass City for the next four years.

Mayor Bell says his perfomance in office should earn him a second 4 year term. "We were able to keep our employees employed, without laying them off we and were able to provide the services that taxpayers wanted without raising taxes," Mayor Bell said.

This is Collins's second bid for the mayoralty. He did not survive the primary in 2009 in which Bell and Keith Wilkowski emerged as the top two. Collins credits the endorsement of the police and fire unions for his campaign success thus far.

"I think the police and fire endorsements riveted people because they realized that the men and women who put their lives on the line are walking away from a firefighter and embracing a police officer," Mr. Collins said.

Election day is Tuesday, November 5.