Bellevue factory fire contained, may smolder for days

Residents are asked to stay indoors and keep their windows shut.

Fire crews have contained the blaze at the MagReTech factory on County Road 177 and 302, but Bellevue Fire Chief Brian Putnam said the fire will smolder for a few days because of the chemicals involved.

Four semi trucks containing magnesium scrap metal caught fire between 3:30 and 4 a.m. on Tuesday. The fire marshal is still investigating the cause, but employees said they saw lightening before the fire started.

Crews could not put water directly on the flames because of the chemicals in the fire. The smoke has subsided, but the fire department expects the area to smolder for a few more days.

Chief Putnam said that while the gas fumes aren't dangerous for people with healthy respiratory systems, Bellevue City Schools were closed for the day and the hospital is taking safety precautions.