Bell's Budget: Proposal would buy 100 new police vehicles, But you wouldn't see half of them

Though still requiring the approval of Toledo's City Council before becoming a reality, which will be reviewed on Tuesday, Toledo Police are thrilled with the prospect of getting 100 new vehicles in 2013.

According to a Toledo Police Spokesman, Sgt. Joe Heffernan, the $680,000 Mayor Mike Bell has set aside for the purchase will go towards 45 marked units, 45 unmarked units, 5 police wagons and some specialty vehicles.

Meaning that while the public won't overtly see nearly half the vehicles in use, that TPD will be able to replace the vehicles they use the most and for the longest.

"A lot of our patrol units are used 24 hours a day. Day shift hands them off to the afternoon shift, [they] hand them off to midnight shift and the cycle repeats itself . Because of that , they get used up pretty quickly," Heffernan said.

Heffernan adds that some of the detectives vehicles in use have been on the street for 16 years.

"They are breaking down a lot and it reaches that point that to maintain them is costing us more than just buying new ones," Heffernan said.

The spokesman went on to say that Toledo Police did not buy any new vehicles in the last year.