BG paper pulls fake engagement notice amid complaints from â??brideâ??

The original announcement printed

According to, the Sentinel-Tribune recently published an engagement announcement that turned out to be submitted without the â??brideâ??sâ?? knowledge.

The woman featured in the free notice, Jill Goris, called the paperâ??s lifestyles editor, Karen Cota, after seeing the announcement.

Cota told Poynter, â??That afternoon I get a call from the female [in the announcement]â?¦Sheâ??s like, â??OMG heâ??s stalking me and this is the latest thing heâ??s done.â?? â??

After publishing the initial engagement announcement the paper pulled the online article and printed a correction that stated the bride-to-be had no part in the announcement.

According to Poynter, Goris did tell Cota that the photo was real and that she did know the man in the photo but they were not engaged.

Cota then advised Goris â??You need to call the policeâ??, according to the Poynter article.

In the article, Cota added â??Itâ??s a cautionary taleâ?¦I am being a little more careful.â??