BG tattoo artist admits to inking 'worst tattoo ever'

Scott Versago, the artist who fixed Chad Stahl's tattoo, shared his artwork with the world on Facebook.

A Bowling Green tattoo artist took to Facebook on Friday to explain why he botched a 2007 ink job, that some have come to know as the "world's worst portrait tattoo".

Dennis Foust said in part, "The portrait tattoo getting all the attention today was done several years ago, and happened to be the first portrait tattoo I had ever done. Obviously I have many regrets about that tattoo and my apologies extend to the man who wore it."
That man, 38-year-old Chad Stahl, recently had the tattoo honoring his late wife fixed by Scott Versago at Empire Ink in Akron this week.

According to a Yahoo news article, Versago did the job for free.

With the story running on a popular website, Foust also explained on Facebook "Looking back, I could have allowed myself to be defeated by that tattoo. I could have quit my job as a tattoo artist and moved to something else. However, I am not a quitter. I moved forward and surrounded myself with talented artists and improved my skills."