BGSU Board of Trustees vote to increase tuition for 2013-14 semester


f you're an undergrad at
Bowling Green State University, get ready to ask your parents for more money or take out another loan.


he university's board of trustees voted
Friday to increase tuition for the 2013-14 school year. BGSU officials say it was needed because of $3 million dollars in reduced state funding.



t's never a decision that we take likely, and in this case we felt it was necessary and tried to make it as modest increase as we could



explains BGSU spokesperson Dave Kielmeyer.


ndergraduate students on both the
Bowling Green and Firelands campus will be effected. Right now these students pay $5,189 dollars per semester. Beginning in the fall, that jumps by $106 dollars to $5,295 dollars.


tudents like
Ryan Copley has heard from fellow classmates who feel the increase isn't necessary and the school could find the money from other places. However, Copley is looking at the glass as half full, "I care a little bit because it's more money, but if you want a quality education, it's going to cost money."


raduate students won't see an increase in their tuition.
Undergrads can expect the changes to start in the fall.