BGSU designates limited smoking areas

The university is implementing a policy to limit smoking areas on its campus starting January 1, 2014.

Think twice before lighting up a cigarette on the Bowling Green State University campus.

The university is limiting smoking areas on its main campus and Firelands satellite starting January 1, 2014.

The policy applies to all students, faculty, and visitors including sidewalks, indoor and outdoor athletic facilities, or any vehicle owned by the university.

The Board of Trustees approved of the smoking ban in June. It aims to create a "clean air promotional campaign." The board has also created a committee to place proper signage and cigarette butt receptacles to remind the public.

Find smoking designated areas on the map

Smoking was banned inside Founders Quadrangle and buildings in August of 1993.

The university said those who are found smoking should be reminded in a "respectful, and polite manner," of its policy. Enforcement should be directed to campus police when appropriate.

Services for students to kick the habit are being provided at the Wellness Connection at the Health Center. Employees can contact the BGSU's Employee Assistance Program for more information.