BGSU offers 3 year degree programs

Some Bowling Green State University students will now be able to get their degrees in just three years.

The university submitted a list of 18 BachelorĂ¢??s degree programs that can be finished sooner.

While the thought of a shorter college career is appealing, BGSU senior Anthony Cornwell says there could be a downside, "you might not get all the classes that you need or just might be in a rush to get out there in 4 years. It gives you more time just to get ready," explains Cornwell.

Time is one thing students who choose this option won't have. According to the university's website studying abroad, taking multiple majors and internships become more difficult.

But getting out so soon into economy with high unemployment and few jobs doesn't scare students like Latierra Edwards, "we hear about it, but we're kind of in this bridge to the real world, and we kind of want to get out there and see for ourselves, we want to explore," says Edwards.

The university's action moves in line with a state law that says in two years sixty percent of bachelor's degrees be offered on a three year program. Not every major will have this option. Those that require internships and student teaching are exempted.