BGSU students rally for Obama

College expenses and healthcare were issues that many students felt were important to their futures at a rally for the democratic campaign at BGSU Thursday evening.

Students and party supporters gathered at the Bowling Green State University Student Union Thursday evening to raise awareness for the democratic campaign.

College expenses and healthcare were hot issues that many students felt were important to their futures.

"The Pell Grants are a huge issue for all students. Leaving college with a whole bunch of debt is never a good thing." said BGSU student Joe Lautzenhiser. He continued, "Unemployment is very high among college graduates. We know that Obama is out there helping us out with that."

BGSU sophomore Emily Garcia agreed Obama is "allowing for more Pell Grants and more scholarships to be given out in the next four years." She added "I think it's really great that everyone in America will have access to free healthcare."

Current congressional candidate and BG professor Angela Zimmann was on hand to speak with students and stress the importance of affordable education.

"Students are looking for good four-year degrees they can get without overextending themselves with loans," said Zimmann. "If they don't get the loans that they need it will eliminate the opportunity for education for many of the students here."

Complimentary cookies, pizza, and refreshments were available to those in attendance. The event preceded Mitt Romney's speech at the Republican National Convention.

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