BGSU students show some skin, raise $20K for childhood cancer research

Nearly 150 "shavees" have already volunteered at BGSU to go under the razor to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer.

Students and philanthropists at Bowling Green State University showed some skin on Sunday, shaving their heads bald in a fund-raising effort for childhood cancer research.

St. Baldrick's Foundation is the volunteer-driven charity that is behind the event at the Bowen-Thompson Student Union. St. Baldrick's hosts events year-round, throughout the country, and is dedicated to funding research to cure cancer in children, teens, and young adults.

Donors registered as teams, shavees, and individual volunteers. Donors have raised over $18,000 at the half-way point of the event, surpassing the goal of $15,000.

Nearly 150 "shavees" have already volunteered to go under the razor to stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer.

"Oh my gosh, I actually did this," said Sarah Ryan, after shaving her head and donating two pony-tails to Locks of Love. She added "It was fun, it was liberating. Definitely for a good cause."

Megan Schlosser called her head-shaving experience, "Very out-of-body." Schlosser has been raising funds for over eight months, currently totaling almost $2,000, and earning her the distinction "Top Participant." She too, donated a 13" lock of hair to Locks of Love.

"My sister went up to do the first swipe," Schlosser exclaimed. "It was kind of terrifying to see my sister with the razor. But then I sat down, and it was great."

Local barbers and hair stylists from Ambrosia Salon & Spa, and Honey Comb Salon & Spa volunteered their time to shave the heads of participants.