Biden tells auto workers industry will thrive

Vice President Joe Biden shook hands and watched as auto workers at Jeep TMs North Toledo Assembly Plant showed the Country TMs number two man how they build the Jeep Wrangler.

Mr. Biden then made his way to the stage where he complimented plant workers on their production numbers which he touted as the best in the country.

He also assured the crowd of hundreds that the great recession of yesteryear is making the turn toward recovery.

The idea that we have to accommodate ourselves to be number two in anything is something we refuse to do, said Biden.

The Vice President called the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler a loss of dignity for Toledo auto workers.

That TMs very accurate I mean because a lot of people lost their jobs over all this with the economy shipping the parts overseas instead of bringing the stuff right here, said auto worker Eric Burt.

Other Jeep plant workers agree and say things are better than they would have been if the Government didn TMt step in.

We went from not working last year and things didn TMt look good with the bankruptcy, to now we TMre working nine or 10 hour days, Saturdays I mean what more can you say about that, said UAW worker Doug Nowak.

It was a special day for Nowak who introduced Mr. Biden on stage.

It TMs a once in a lifetime opportunity I mean you know, I got pictures and with all this here [interviews] it TMs something I TMll have forever, said Nowak.

Biden said GM could be in a position to pay the Federal Government back and regain control of the struggling auto maker by the end of 2011, soon putting an end to what Biden calls an unpopular, but necessary measure to keep the auto industry on the road to success.